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Traditional Japanese Manual Therapy "Seitai"

What is your image to hear the word Traditional Japanese Manual Therapy "Seitai"?

The purpose of "Seitai", which literally means "adjust body" in Japanese, is to call body's natural healing power.


Through body check and treatment, root causes will be found, and by approaching to those causes, your whole body will change to "adjusted body".

Not only to your body, I also approach to your mind. "Illness of the body" means "Illness of the mind".  Through treatment, I will release your "Illness of the mind" as well.

With the background of work using English for more than 20 years, please be assured to communicate in English without any stress. 

Those who live in Fukuoka area, and tourist to visit Fukuoka and Dazaifu, please drop by and make your body refresh!!

For more information of "Seitai" (Imoto Seitai) , please refer here.



No.1  BODY "Seitai"(40min)                5,000 JPY

                               (2,000JPY for the 1st time)

No.2  BODY and MIND "Seitai"(90min)            15,000JPY

             (tax excluded price / cash /credit card (visa, master, amex))

only in Japanese


Acess and Business hours

Access :kanzeonji 2cho-me, Dazaifu, Fukuoka, Japan

               5 min walk from Dazaifu Seicho-ato 7 min walk from Tofuromae-station (Nishitetu-train).

               There is a Parking lot.

Business Hours:10:00 in the morning to 17:00 in the afternoon (Irregular holidays)

Reservation:090-5779-3811 or send form "Reservation" below. (Reservation ONLY)


Tomoko Kawamura ("Seitai" Practitioner)


1976   Born in Kuwama-city, Mie, Japan

2000   Graduate from ICU (International Christian University)

2000   Work at International Cooperation Agency in the field of IT

2009   MBA at Hosei University (graduate school)

2010   Start studying "Seitai" (Imoto Seitai Japanese / English

2016   Move to Dazaifu, Fukuoka 

2017   Qualified Practitioner (Seitai Exercise) of Imoto Seitai

2018   Establishment of "Moriwotsunagu"


・Qualified Practitioner (Seitai Exercise) of Imoto Seitai

・Master Practitioner of the Society of NLP

・Master Practitioner of mindfullness NLP

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