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Body Messages Session through Traditional Japanese massage

Have you ever hear the Body Messages of yourself?

If you have any pain or feel discomfort, there always exists "Body Messages" deep inside your body. When I touch or even see the body through ZOOM, I  communicate directly with your inner body and convey message to you.

Sometimes it is related to your current family problems or work, sometimes past memory of your childhood especially relation between your parents, or sometimes past life which you might not remember,   as body remembers everything unconsciously. 

With the background of work more than 7 years of this session to Japanese clients, there are so many good voices like "I felt a profound sense of liberation" or "I felt seen, heard, and deeply understood which body is saying. I felt feeling lighter, clearer and more in tune with myself both in private and work". In recent years, I travel all over Japan for my new and old clients for Body Messages Session.

Also  with the background of work using English for more than 20 years, please be assured to communicate in English without any stress. 



No.1  Body Messages Session(90min)                20,000 JPY


No.2  Body Messages Session(90min × 5times)       100,000 JPY

                                            (cash /credit card /paypay)

only in Japanese


Acess and Business hours

Access :kanzeonji 2cho-me, Dazaifu, Fukuoka, Japan

               5 min walk from Dazaifu Seicho-ato 7 min walk from Tofuromae-station (Nishitetu-train).

               There is a Parking lot.

               Online session (remote using ZOOM) is also available. 


Business Hours:10:00 in the morning to 17:00 in the afternoon (Irregular holidays)

Reservation:090-5779-3811 or send form "Reservation" below. (Reservation ONLY)


Tomoko Kawamura 


1976   Born in Kuwana-city, Mie, Japan

2000   Graduate from ICU (International Christian University)

2000   Work at International Cooperation Agency in the field of IT

2009   MBA at Hosei University (graduate school)

2010   Start studying "Seitai" (Imoto Seitai Japanese / English

2016   Move to Dazaifu, Fukuoka 

2017   Qualified Practitioner (Seitai Exercise) of Imoto Seitai

2018   Establishment of "Moriwotsunagu"


・Qualified Practitioner (Seitai Exercise) of Imoto Seitai

・Master Practitioner of the Society of NLP

・Master Practitioner of mindfullness NLP

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